Highway Tennis



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Story: Two rivalling gangs took to the Highway to settle their score. They used a bomb and bounced it back and forth between them. The gansters that lost the most would also loose the territory. You are the driver of the Westside gansters.

W - move up
S - move down
A - Activate SlowMo (costs 1 score)
D - More time powerup (costs 1 score)

There are four types of powerups in the game:
SloMo - hit Ice-Cream Trucks to activate.
Balls On Fire - hit Police cars to activate.
InstaKill - hit Fuel Trucks to activate.
OverTime - add time to the timer.

Goal - if you let a bomb through your side, your opponent will get 1 point.
Explode - if you die in an explosion your opponent gets 3 point.
Score Limit - The default score limit is 5 points but can be changed in settings.


Thank you for playing!

Move up: W
Move down: S
More time: A (costs 1 score)
Slow down: D (costs 1 score)